The InfoLITHIUM battery packs actually exchange information with the camera, reporting approximately how many minutes of battery life are left when the camera is running strictly on battery power. The S75 is about the sharpest 3. The S85’s LCD monitor reports the number of images remaining on the Memory Stick based on current image resolution and quality settings , and displays a small graphic to let you know approximately how much space is available. A small button locks the battery into place and releases it when you’re ready to recharge or replace the battery cell. We felt that the Low flash intensity was best for close-range portrait shots, as the Normal and High settings tended to wash out the color and overexposed highlight areas. Thank you for your support!

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Sony’s implementation of the Jog Dial isn’t perfect, but it does go a long way toward improving the efficiency of the camera’s user interface. In these windoqs, you typically want to apply sharpening at the end of the manipulation process. Action Details Time taken seconds Notes Power: Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. Test Results Shoot widnows compelling product photos for eBay or the web!

Sony DSC-S85 Digital Camera Review: Video, Power, Software

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To get the full experience on Sony. Landscape mode uses a smaller aperture setting to keep both the background and foreground in sharp focus, allowing you to capture broad vistas of scenery.

A rubber finger grip on the right front of the camera is well shaped to provide a comfortable hold with the right hand, which should wrap comfortably around the curve winfows the understated right hand grip.

Confused by White Balance? Still, we’d like just another millimeter or so of eye relief on the eyepiece design. The S85 comes with a software CD loaded with the same software bundle as was sold with the S When Manual Focus is enabled, turning the wheel adjusts focus and displays the focus distance on the LCD monitor.


The Record menu offers a list of Record mode options, including a TIFF mode for saving uncompressed images; a Text mode that captures images as black-and-white GIF files, perfect for snapping pictures of white boards and meeting notes; and a Voice recording mode, in which you can record sound clips up to seconds long to accompany captured images great for “labeling” or annotating shots you’ve taken.

Movie mode, marked on the Mode dial with a film strip symbol, captures MPEG movies up to 60 seconds with sound. dindows

The S85’s top panel is more feature laden than its predecessors, with an external flash “cold shoe” no electrical contacts on the shoe, for mounting onlythe camera’s microphone, Shutter button, Mode dial, and power switch.

The following tables show you the result of compatibility tests of each product with Windows 7. Free and open source Raw photo-processing software RawTherapee has been updated to version 5.

Driver for DSC-S85 Windows 7

As is the case with JPEG it’s difficult to predict the size of an image because it will vary a fair amount depending on the content of the image especially the amount of detail captured.

Another advantage of the Li-Ion technology is that they don’t “self-discharge” like conventional NiMH rechargeable cells do, and so can hold their charge for months on the shelf or in your camera bag.

This tiny wheel allows you to quickly change camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture, either via the LCD menu system, or in conjunction with the monochrome status display readout. Very few cameras can handle the strong yellow cast of household incandescent bulbs, so it’s a big plus that the S85 can do so without having to abandon its automatic setting. It say no driver is available I can’t believe this is happening just because windows upgrades do I have yo buy all new cameras and video equipment.


We were also glad to see the addition of a Mode dial for selecting Record and Playback modes, and the manner in which functions were assigned to the four-way Arrow key pad very clearly marked we might addfor even less reliance on the LCD menus.

As we’ve said before, we really like Sony’s new user interface, which employs a less involved LCD menu than earlier models, and provides far more external controls, dramatically decreasing the reliance on the LCD monitor.

Dec 25, The only complaint we have here is that the external flash connection is only compatible with Sony’s FL accessory flash, instead of the normal range of standard external flash units.

It can run the camera without a battery inserted, or charge the battery when the camera isn’t in use. The camera doesn’t appear to use an internal memory buffer to speed capture for the first few shots.

Images in this table like all of our sample photos are untouched, exactly as they came from the camera. The remaining features and controls are on the S85’s back panel.

Driver Sony DSC-S85 Cyber-Shot

Additional control buttons on the back panel wndows you change basic exposure settings, such as metering options, exposure compensation, and AE Lock with a single button-push. We also noticed that when you manually adjust the focus, the LCD monitor snaps into focus dramatically as soon as you select the right distance. Tell us about your experience with our site. Most exposure variables are available, except for flash and ISO.

News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. We were glad to see the inclusion of a Manual exposure mode, which wasn’t available with the earlier Cyber-shot models.