But this motherboard can hardly persuade a customer to give preference to the ATI solution: The difference between video cards’ performance has always been a governing factor here. According to the official ATI announcement, availability of proper motherboards is also a matter of the nearest weeks. Besides, arranging two bridges of the chipset and a couple of graphics ports required much attention. Video 3Digests Video cards: From our tests, the board works fine and CrossFire setup is quick and painless.

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That’s why top motherboards often use southbridges from third-party manufacturers.

MSI RD480 NEO2-FI, ATI RD480+ULI M1573, Socket-939, Crossfire question

As a standard on all motherboards, MSI’s CoreCell technology is also onboard, aiding in monitoring and diagnostics. However, the layout would have merited a prize, if the graphics ports had been divided into master and slave… like in case of SLI. The set of proprietary utilities includes: Td480 solution looks a tad better at first sight than a mini-card in the majority of nForce4 SLI motherboards, requiring laboursome flipping in a special connector except for models, where both ports always operate in x8 mode, and those, ayi these modes are switched on the software level.

A funny thing happens in case of active Cool’n’Quiet: Thus, MSI can actually launch an extended modification of this motherboard and nearly completely compensate rd40 the functional inferiority of Xpress CFE versus nForce4 SLI due to additional controllers. Not exactly a horrible overclock, but it wouldn’t hold up against the mainstream nForce4 Ultra counterparts.

Jetway M2A480VP-PB ATi RD480- Socket AM2

From our tests, the board works fine and CrossFire setup is quick and painless. CPU temperature grows under load. All you atl to do to enable dual-GPU operation is to remove this terminator card and plug in your second graphics card.

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Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. PCB layout provides for this feature — the distance from a CPU socket to the chipset heatsink is small. According to the official ATI announcement, availability of proper motherboards dr480 also a matter of the nearest weeks. As with other RD CrossFire motherboards, the primary PCIe x16 slot is the middle slot, with a terminator card inserted into rx480 top slot to disable it. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about the only jumper for clearing CMOS: The RD Neo2 is a relatively safe motherboard.

Everything will work fine in production-line models.

Jetway M2AVP-PB ATi RD Socket AM2 – Aria PC

Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. MSI Live Update rd4800 — update BIOS under Windows, it allows to search and download the latest version from the official website, convenient search for updated drivers for all motherboard devices via Internet. Dynamic range, dB A: Note that voltage settings were inactive in our motherboard — MSI representatives assured us that it’s a bug of this very preproduction sample.

When it reaches the value, specified in Smart Fan section, fan speed starts growing and stabilizes at higher values in the same way. When exceeded, the fan starts increasing or decreasing its speed in steps. The RD Neo2 isn’t exactly what you’d call an overclockable motherboard.

There is nothing surprising about this motherboard fairing on a par with its competitor in games with a single video card.

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But in practice, the choice may be sufficient for those, who have already decided in favour of ATI products and are now waiting for an opportunity to buy a CrossFire system. That’s why you shouldn’t take the ranges and voltage steps published in this table as anything final.

That’s obviously a logical way to separate the farther graphics slot on motherboards with CrossFire support. Thus, if you don’t provide sufficient cooling, but set the high aggressiveness level, the motherboard will try to protect the processor from overheating; Separate chipset and memory voltage regulators as well as the hardware CPU protection from high current with a fast-acting one microsecond detector.

MSI RD Neo2 (ATI Radeon Xpress CrossFire) –

The motherboard also offers automatic rpm control for fans, depending on the temperature it can be fine tuned: Frequency response from 40 Hz to 15 kHzdB: Noise level, dB A: That’s how it works: Passive cooling of the chipset has a positive effect on the general noise level, heat release of the northbridge is low, so that it’s easily cooled by a CPU cooler. Excellent results for integrated audio, HDA at that.

But in the gaming segment, for which such motherboards are intended, side-functionality of the chipset does not play a pivotal role, two graphics ports are of primary wti.